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Dear Coralie and Andre

1st) Linseed Oil can be mixed directly to the earthen plaster (instead of
blood, cow-dung, urine, waterglass or salt (borax), as it was done in
history) to make it a little more waterproof. Just make tries to find the
right mixture (depends on the oil-content in clay), but you need only a
little bit. As Canadian tests have shown, waterdamp-permeability is not
influenced much by linseed oil.

2nd) Borax is a salt which gives a relative good protection against mice or
moth, it even protects wood against mould for a certain time (so it is
nearly the only organic-chemical material, which gives no toxic damps to the
air, but is not liked by animals and plants). Because it is a hard but not
waterproof material when it is dry (as salt), it can be washed down by rain,
falls off etc. That means, you have to renew the covering after a time (1-2
years). But be sure to construct your wooden beams so, that no water or damp
can harm it (constructive wood-protection). Borax is not proper for
strawbale- protection, because it is only a covering.

Best wishes
Herbert Gruber 
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> Betreff: [Strawbale] Two questions:
> Bonjour,
> Two questions:
> * Can any of you tell me how to use linseed oil to waterproof an earthen
> plaster. It's meant for the shower, yes, a SB shower with earthen plaster.
> Just a little test building in our garden that we will take down in a few
> years so we can see how it holds up.
> * Does any of you have any feelings (and info) on Borax as an anti termite
> treatment (for wood)? Or are all of you so far up north that these little
> critters are no problem for you.
> A little positive news from our house...... we are mud plastering our
> bedroom..... but wait, that's not all.... Coralie is pregnant and is pushing
> hard to have her little nest ready before february.
> Hope you are all well,
> Andre
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