[Strawbale] Roma in need

Harald und Margit Wedig avantgarden at wxs...
Tue Oct 15 21:06:22 CEST 2002

Martin Oehlmann wrote:
> Dear Harald,
> I wish I could transfer the pavillion at the Floriade to your place. It will
> be taken down on October 21 by a contractor.
> Did you get in touch from the Roma familie already? Would be worthwhile to find someone at the spot for some coordination: receiving donations /
> strawbales / pallets / buildingmaterial and many hands... Maybe you could
> contact the newspaper and get in touch with the journalist to raise a
> sponsoring campaing....
> Best wishes, Martin

Thank you Martin for your reaction,
yes, I did get in touch with the Roma via their speaker, Dzoni
Sichelschmidt, the speaker of the Roma community in that part of
He is trying to do his best for these war refugees ( more than 100
persons) and he is found of the idea to build a house.
The whole group will leave this week for a demonstration( for their
right to stay in Germany) in Berlin.
They will be back next week. That gives us a little time for further
consideration. Dzoni Sichelschmidt is already doing all kinds of
organisation for the group, he will probably also do the coordination
for this action.
I can do what he cant, knowing a lot of people in this region, farmers,
carpenters, people with trucks. But we certeanly need donations for the
structure and help when it comes to building. Mr. Sichelschmidt will
negotiate with the Düsseldorf police and try to get a legal status for
the action. ( If he cant manage that because the laws are very strict, I
would like to declare it as a " Social structure" art in the sense of
Josef Beuys.
Martin please stay in contact about your pavillion, I did translocate a
structure from Brussels to Germany earlier this year, it works.
We will need all your ideas and your support!
yours Harald Wedig

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