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Tue Oct 15 20:18:28 CEST 2002

Dear Harald,

I wish I could transfer the pavillion at the Floriade to your place. It will
be taken down on October 21 by a contractor.
Did you get in touch from the Roma familie already? Would be worthwhile to
find someone at the spot for some coordination: receiving donations /
strawbales / pallets / buildingmaterial and many hands... Maybe you could
contact the newspaper and get in touch with the journalist to raise a
sponsoring campaing....

Best wishes, Martin

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Hi Lars thanks for your reaction,
L: if the reason for the short life span of the house is hooliganism
then these thoughts are not relevant.
> - If the reason is building / construction related, then I want to ask
what the reason is not to build ”a cheap, fast to build, sb- design” that
will last as long as it is maintained.
> - My question is based on the fact that if it isnt liveable after one year
(due to moisture problems I assume) then it will also be unhealthy to live
in at an earlier stage. And as it is hard to determine this point of time it
actually isnt liveable at all.

H: Well, most likely the authorities will take the house down as soon as
it gets warmer next spring and as soon as the will force the Roma to go
back to Kosova. The house design is made to let the house last longer
than that. Do you have doubts about that and if so, why?
L: Find out what it will cost to ship in a truck load full of mussell
shells, which I assume is the only thing you might lack.
H: we are 250 km away from the coast and at least 500 kam away fro the
next mussel harbours. I think wine bottle corcs will do fine.

> - The only major change that needs to be done is to have ventilation
between the roof insulation and the roof membrane. We have used pallets (the
ones you load stuff on when you ship it in a truck) or a second layer of
round wood trusses with a metal fence spanning them.

H: You are right, but we will skip this since the house will not survive
next sping, being build in the middle of a parking lot of an open air
public bath.

L: When and where might it be happening Harald.
> I might be able to join in for a long weekend with a VW Transporter full
of enthusiastic builders.

H:That sounds like the old Lars. It will happen in Düsseldorf, 50 km
from where I live.
I dont know when yet, but i´d like to get it done before the end of
November the latest, when it really gets cold here.
Keep sending in reactions folks, and help us!

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