[Strawbale] adobe for wet climate

Harald und Margit Wedig avantgarden at wxs...
Fri Dec 6 13:37:51 CET 2002

> On 05-12-2002 18:50, "Barbara Jones" <strawbale at lineone...> wrote:
> I'm a biochemist, can someone tell me what this 'carbonation' refers to ?
> I'm trying to imagine what type of chemical transformation you are referring
> to... But... Can't think of anything.  Perhaps difference of language ?
> Sven-Belgium

Hello Sven,
when natural lime is burned ( in medieval times a lot of forest was used
for this process) it looses its carbon.
Once mixed with water and applied to the wall as a render or used
between bricks as mortar ( thus drying), the processed or burned lime 
gets its carbon back from the atmosphere. This is called carbonisation.

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