[Strawbale] adobe for wet climate

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Fri Dec 6 11:52:32 CET 2002

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I'm a biochemist, can someone tell me what this 'carbonation' refers to ?
I'm trying to imagine what type of chemical transformation you are referring
to... But... Can't think of anything.  Perhaps difference of language ?


> Carbonation is not the
> same as it "going hard", lime can feel hard to the touch but still not be
> able to keep the weather off for quite a while, which is why it needs care
> to apply it and to look after it once it's on the wall. A lime render should
> be able to protect the cast straw/clay walls, so if it isn't, you may have
> applied it too late in the year. I'd suggest protecting the walls including
> the lime render in some other way over the winter.
> Best of luck, and write if you want to discuss it further,
> Barbara Jones

I saw an emission on BBC where an architect was talking about adobe mixtures
with resin based, water repellent materials.

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