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Hi Lysana
If your lime render isn't holding up against the weather, I'd first want to
ask you how it was applied, in what weather conditions, and what time of
year, what mix you used, the time between coats, protection of the lime
whilst it carbonated etc. If it's not holding up it suggests that the lime
had not carbonated sufficiently before the bad weather began, in which case
it won't until the temperature increases next year. There are several
reasons why the lime may not have carbonated yet but we'd need to discuss
the questions above to assess it. And if it hasn't carbonated you'll have to
keep the rain off it till next spring, when that process can happen. If the
lime render gets saturated with water (as it can do before carbonation)
there's nothing you can do except let it dry out. Carbonation is not the
same as it "going hard", lime can feel hard to the touch but still not be
able to keep the weather off for quite a while, which is why it needs care
to apply it and to look after it once it's on the wall. A lime render should
be able to protect the cast straw/clay walls, so if it isn't, you may have
applied it too late in the year. I'd suggest protecting the walls including
the lime render in some other way over the winter.
Best of luck, and write if you want to discuss it further,
Barbara Jones

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> fwding it, I've changed the subject... to something meaningful. jenik
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> Dear Strawbalers,
> Has anyone found link or how to get more information about the adobe for
> climes as mentioned in message below?  I have lime/sand lime-washed render
> over cast straw/clay walls and the south-west elevation, open to driving
> rain and gales, is getting damaged and disintegrating.  Any ideas please?
> best, Lysana
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> > SB building is only sustainable where there is straw available.
> > In Cyprus rocks are readily available.
> >
> > To learn how people build sustainable in Cyprus, visit the mountain
> village
> > restored by the United Nations. And find a good guide who can explain
> > about the special mixtures they used as concrete: a mix of adobe with
> > oilseeds to withstand the extreme differences in temperatures.
> >
> > I'm sure you'll find a link somewhere.
> >
> > --
> > I hope this letter finds you well,
> > Sincerely Yours,
> >
> > Sven AERTS
> >
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