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fwding it, I've changed the subject... to something meaningful. jenik

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Dear Strawbalers,

Has anyone found link or how to get more information about the adobe for wet
climes as mentioned in message below?  I have lime/sand lime-washed render
over cast straw/clay walls and the south-west elevation, open to driving
rain and gales, is getting damaged and disintegrating.  Any ideas please?

best, Lysana

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> SB building is only sustainable where there is straw available.
> In Cyprus rocks are readily available.
> To learn how people build sustainable in Cyprus, visit the mountain
> restored by the United Nations. And find a good guide who can explain you
> about the special mixtures they used as concrete: a mix of adobe with
> oilseeds to withstand the extreme differences in temperatures.
> I'm sure you'll find a link somewhere.
> --
> I hope this letter finds you well,
> Sincerely Yours,
> Sven AERTS

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