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Rikki - what a beautiful looking house!  congrats, and may it be forever a joy for you. I am delighted you made this happen and would hope some day to come see and feel it... enjoy the finishing and fine detail work to come.   Much love and fun, Bee  

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  HI Everyone!

  Open a bottle of champagne! I finnaly have a strawbale house; I still have a lot of work left, but I have already slept and eaten there!

  T)hanks to all of you who gave me moral support and advice over the web and in Austria (especially:joleen, Tom, Martin, Astrid, Herbert, Lars, Barbara, Bee, and all of those who´se name I can´t remember because of the emotion of having a home!)

  And those who helped me build: Maren, Mana, Andy, Brin, Alex, David, Iñaki, Joleen, Tom, Celes, Mila, Lidia, Orlando, Pedro, Marisa, Carmen, Raimon, Joan, Antígone, Simon, Roland, Ramon, Gerónimo,  . . .)

  We started building saturday 20 July, and finished the roof thursday 8 August.  

  I have attached a picture of the house in its present state, but be sure that by next year it will be a fairytale home!  When I get the fotos of the construction on my web page i will let you all know.


  love , RIKKI 

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