[Paja] apologies from the list administrator

Simon Blackbourn piemanek en gmail.com
Jue Mar 2 12:00:05 CET 2006

[ Is there someone who would like to translate this message into Spanish and
resend it to the list? - thank you! ]

Dear 'Paja' email list subscribers,

I would like to apologise to everyone, because unfortunately several
messages to the 'Paja' list have been lost or delayed, this was caused by a
problem when new administration software was installed. The problem is now
resolved, so if any of your messages did not appear, you can now send them

Most messages you send to the list will appear immediately, but sometimes a
message may need to be 'approved' by the list administrators. This can
happen if:

 - your message is too long,
 - your message is sent to lots of recipients,
 - you include an attachment,
 - the message is suspected of being 'spam' or containing a virus.

Therefore, please keep your message as brief as possible, send it to the
list only (not to many recipients at the same time) and try to avoid
attachments whenever possible. If your message does not appear immediately,
please do not resend it, as sometimes it may take a day or two for an
administrator to make the approvals.

If you have any questions, you can contact the administrators on
paja-owner at amper.ped.muni.cz.

Thank you very much and our apologies once again,

Simon (list administrator)
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