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Dear friends,
I remember to you that from may 1 to 4 the LPIW - Light Pollution International Workshop will be held in Frascati, near Rome. It will be an exceptional possibility to meet and discuss on the LP and, for you that has not yet seen Rome...an occasion to have a nic holiday!
Here you find the preliminary program. For additional info see: http://lpiw.uai.it/
I hope to see you in Frascati.
Fabio Falchi

      Unione Astrofili Italiani
     International Dark-Sky Association

                  Light Seminario
                  Pollution Internazionale
                  International sull'Inquinamento
                  Workshop Luminoso

International Training Workshop for Amateur Astronomers and
Lighting Technical Operators for the discussion of the problems linked to Light Pollution and to Lighting Technical Profession.

May 2 - 4, 2003

Frascati (Rome - Italy)

Scuderie Aldobrandini Auditorium

Institutional Sponsorship:

European Union

Italian Prime Ministership

Ministry for the Environment

Ministry for Education, University and Scientific Research

Council of the Regione Lazio

Province of Rome Council

Municipality of Frascati

Requested Co-operations:

W.W.F. Italia

Pro Natura

Società Astronomica Italiana

Official Languages:

English - Italian

Further Information:

http://lpiw.uai.it                         lpiwAuai...

General Features

Recent technological developments led to a general improvement of living standards for common people. However this process has been accompanied by serious pollution phenomena of the environment due to a disharmonious and seldom sustainable growth of the society, made worse by the unrestrained consumerism and the loss of some fundamental values of culture and environmental defence.

The needs of the decoration of city structure including the lighting of artistic and architectural beauties of our cities, the requirements for public safety together with the lighting of the industrial areas have often carried to an uncontrolled and non eco-sustainable lighting.

The various national and international studies on this subject have underlined that by modifying behavioural rules adopted till now a better kind of lighting and a considerable energy saving could be obtained along with an improvement of the road traffic system and a reduction of light pollution.

Why to organize a International Workshop on Light Pollution

Due to the above, the Union of Italian Amateur Astronomers (UAI), co-operating with the National Coordination for the Safeguard of the Dark Sky (Cielobuio) and the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) together with the greatest national and international authorities dealing with these problems, organizes an International Workshop for Amateur Astronomers and Lighting Technical Operators with the aim to investigate thoroughly the characteristics of light pollution and the remedial measures to fight it.

In Europe, Italy is in the front line in fighting Light Pollution: many of the Italian Regions and Municipality Administrations had already taken strong measures to contain Light Pollution and consequently to save energy.

Who is the Workshop directed to

The principal aim of the Workshop is to deepen and to investigate all the themes linked to Light Pollution. It will also try to create a new and eco-sustainable lighting-technical culture through the evaluation and the design of high quality and performance lighting devices. The Workshop is directed to all people involved or that could be involved in the campaign against light pollution, in particular:

  a.. Astronomers and Amateur Astronomers in order to improve the safeguard of the night sky and of the territory. In fact, they could be an invaluable support for every local situation.
  b.. Light-technical experts who could deepen their knowledge in the above mentioned technical and plant-engineering solutions
  c.. Members of Municipalities and Public Administrations who could acknowledge the economic, environmental and image benefits linked to an eco-sustainable lighting
  d.. Lighting device  manufacturers who could deal with new trends and types of lighting plants
  e.. Park managers and ecologists who could be involved in controlling light pollution sources and their impact on either environment, flora and fauna
  f.. Local, District and Departmental Government Units who handle with territorial management
  g.. Lawyers who deal with various rules connected to this problem
  h.. Economists surely interested in energy saving
  i.. Biologists and Natural Sciences Academics for the heavy impact of light pollution on the living
  j.. Doctors interested in health problems caused by too strong lighting sets
  k.. Psychologists studying disease connected to an unsuitable use of the light, such as the ones coming from the loss of concentration while driving
  l.. Agronomists interested in relations between agricultural production and light


Thursday, 1st May

5 - 7 p.m.        First Meeting of Delegates and Registration

8.30 p.m.         Opening Dinner

9 p.m.              Conference After Dinner "Disappearing Sky Beauties"

                        by Bob Gent - European Co-ordinator for The International Dark-Sky Association

"Conti di Tuscolo" Restaurant Via Conti di Tuscolo, 10 Frascati tel. 06.9424899

Friday, 2nd May

Greetings and Discourses from Authorities, Patronage and Co-operator Corporations

Scientific Training

̃      What is Light Pollution

·         How it generates

·         How it spreads

̃      Previsions for Future Light Pollution

·         World Night Sky pollution map

·         Light Pollution in Italy

·         Light Pollution realistic previsions

̃      Italian Operators
·         Cielobuio - UAI - IDA

·         Organization

·         Co-operation and Agreements

·         Operative Structures

·         Technical and Scientific Commission on Light Pollution

·         Internet

·         Mutual Projects

·         ISTIL

 Environment and Safety - First Part
̃      Ecosystem and Light Pollution

·         Effects on the environment

·         Effects on human beings

·         Effects on flora and fauna

Lighting Technique and Light Pollution - First Part

̃      Basic Physic Dimensions of Lighting Technique
·         The Choice of lighting devices

̃      Light Pollution Components and Their Weight
·         Direct and Indirect flow

̃      How to fight Light Pollution successfully in ten Steps
·         Ten realistic suggestions

̃      Italian and European Technical Rules
·         UNI 10819

·         UNI 10439

·         CEI - CEN

̃      Law-making Situation
·         District Rules: Basilicata, Campania, Lazio, Marche, Piedmont, Tuscany, Valle d'Aosta and Veneto

·         National and regional PDL (Art State)

·         Either National Agreements (such as UAI Sun), Regional or Local

Saturday, 3rd May

Environment and Safety - Second Part
̃      Social Effects of Light Pollution - Vision and Safety
·         Light and its consequences on night vision

·         Road Safety

̃      Social Effects of Light Pollution - Remarks
·         Discussion on Highway Code application and on general Rules

̃      Energy Saving
·         Practical Example: Frosinone

·         Plants re-conversion

̃      Didactic Experiences
·         Students showing stars

Projects & Technical Lighting
̃      Photometrical and Light Technical Parameters
·         Certification of photometrical data

̃      How to measure Light Pollution and Light Technical Parameters
·           Measure instruments

·           What has to be measured

·           Operative techniques

̃      Light technology

·         Equipment against Light Pollution

·         New generation lamps

·         New lighting techniques

̃      Systems to Reduce Lighting Flux

·            Flux reducers

·            Assets and liabilities of these methods

·            Pregnant examples of energy saving

̃      Basic Concepts on How to Measure Lighting Sets

·         Basic theories on technical lighting planning

·         The part of planners and their professional deontology

̃      Technical Lighting Planning

·           Projects with high technical lighting performance

·           Planning costs and maintenance: comparisons and controls

̃      Specific Sets Planning

·         Lighting sets construction regarding roads, residences, sport and historical places

·         Particular Sets

·         Technical Lighting objections

̃      The efficient Road Planning

·            Save the Sky

·            Energy Saving

̃      Lighting Planning

·         One example: Monza

̃      Energy Expenditures Reduction
·         Only useful lighting

̃      Sustainable Lighting and Conclusions
·           Only useful lighting

6.30 - 8.00 p.m.

Public Conference open to Information Media

Round Table with Politicians, Astronomers, Amateur Astronomers, Technical Lighting Experts, moderated by Franco Foresta Martin

Sunday, 4th May

Only for Amateur Astronomers Session - Discussion and Involvement on Territory
̃      The situation of Regional and National Rules with attendance ways

̃      Controls and Actions on their Territory

̃      How to act without Regional Legislation

̃      Behaviour with Institutions regarding LR Applications

̃      Discussion

End of Session awaited by 4.30 p.m.


There isn't registration Fee for foreign attendants.

English simultaneous translation will be provided for foreign attendants.

Please, send an email for your pre-registration to: lpiwAuai...

CD-ROM on Light Pollution

It will be distributed to all Participants.

It will contain:

·         the health condition of our sky

·         the main public laws, acts and rules allowing to control light pollution

·         useful instructions to help all amateur astronomers to appropriately control the territory correctly

·         the principles for non-pollutant lighting device design

General Information

The town of Frascati counts little more than 20,000 inhabitants; it is situated on Roman Castles, more or less 20 km south of Rome.

It can be easily reached from Rome in 20 minutes by using a train shuttle leaving every hour from the FS Railway Station of Roma Termini.

A list containing the main hotels and a city map is available visiting the web site of the Workshop at the address http://lpiw.uai.it

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee writing to lpiwAuai...

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