What did we say, as citizens involved in the efforts to restore the beauty of the natural, healthy night

A draft of the Declaration was written in 2011, having in mind that the old way of ‘defining’ Light Pollution as ‘unpleasant consequences’ of nighttime lighting is absolutely wrong.

Using a maldefinition is perhaps the main obstacle on the way of restoring a sustainable night environment. See the beginning of the wikipedia item, for real definitions written by experts independent on polluting industries.

The Declaration was approved (16-1-4) at the 12. Symposium for the Protection of Night Sky in Bielsko-Biala, Sep 14-15, 2012. See its programme, an abstract of my lecture-appeal and an abstract of my secondary lecture on expressing and measuring light amounts, or even the "slides" for both lectures.

For better English of the Declaration, thanks are due to Bob Mizon. See its text to consider endorsing it too, as hundred people did after the 2012 Symposium. You may then use a form at web77.eu/ida/.

Below, some non-English versions of the text may appear, following a Czech one (I'd be obliged you sending them to me).

Hollan at mail.muni.cz
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(An example of misleading notion of LP is within www.darksky.org/education/glossary.)