A secondary lecture I offer (20 min) should provide some needed background for people to be able to measure light pollution and all aspects of lighting in general. Of course, it should be a two-day workshop rather than a mere short lecture, but for this time...:

"Measuring both strong and faint light and understanding the quantities

The jungle of photometry and radiometry quantities and units is so alien to people (including most physicists), that they leave it over to ‘experts’. However, to be able to defend yourselves against light at night, you have to understand it even better than ‘experts’ do.

There is a help for you on that path. Common lighting industry was never able to measure light levels of natural night environments, everything below 1 lx was just darkness. However, we have instruments now which can do that. And we have CCD and CMOS cameras which can collect light for minutes, and offer excellent scientific data.

The lecture will give an overview of the methods we can use. Become a real expert! Learn to measure all quantities characterizing light pollution, as described within http://amper.ped.muni.cz/light/lp_what_is.pdf "

best regards, Jenik

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