Czech versions of the IPCC AR5 Physical Science Basis figures of Summary for Policymakers

Overview.html shows small bitmaps linked to larger size bitmaps, scaled 3× from the source *.ai. Medium sized bitmaps scaled 2× are in a separate directory. For print, non-bimap pdf versions are preferable of course. The captions were translated from SPM Graphics page and from p. 9 of Technical Summary.

Most source files are in the directory Illustrator, mostly in a Adobe Illustrator 10 CS version, and in a 17 CC version (labelled _CC). Some English originals cropped out of the SPM document are in a sister directory figures_en. Another source files are *.svg made by Inkscape, in this directory.
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Editing by Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape from English originals to Czech figures and translation of those captions, which are not referenced otherwise, made by Jan Hollan CzechGlobe; this author is solely responsible for those translations.

In some cases within figures, the wording of Czech captions differs from the original IPCC ones, in order to adhere to the rules by BIPM an NIST as much as possible. See ev. a letter from Jan 12 and 3 earlier ones on this serious issue.

Figure SPM6 has been changed to a vector version in Inkscape, creating a less complicated formulation of the background map and changing the texts to be translated from outlines to text strings, by Petr Ledvina from Ecological Institute Veronica. Further editing by Inkscape by Jan Hollan, namely using ‘ΔT / K’ instead of ‘T (°C)’, and aligning numeral 1 in temperature scales. The original name Ocean Heat Content has been changed to Ocean Enthapy Change (Zmžna entalpie oceŠný) and the short OHC to Heat (teplo). This way the corresponding quantities are named using the standard terminology of physics.

All original figures have been taken from the pdf version of IPCC 2013: Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Cambridge University Press (in print)].

As a UN body the IPCC publishes reports in the six official UN languages, but not in Czech. Translation of texts within this directory are therefore not official ones by the IPCC. It has been provided by Jan Hollan with the aim of reflecting in the most accurate way the message of the original text.