A contribution to WCPE 2012, Czech textbook on climate change and its English draft etc., graphs and the source scripts in gnuplot to make them. All as results of an educational project (2012-2014) at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University in Brno.

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[   ]ClimChange_Education.pdf2014-08-27 10:37 506Karticle for ICPE 2013, greenhouse effect etc.
[   ]SMH_envPhys.pdf2012-10-30 10:36 3.5Mpresentation Visible & Nonvisible Radiation
[   ]clima_fluxes.pdf2015-03-16 10:30 9.3Mdraft of an English textbook Climate and Flows of Substances
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[   ]klima.pdf2015-03-16 10:31 9.7MCzech textbook Klima a koloběhy látek
[   ]l01r01.pdf2014-12-12 23:08 133KThe Lima Ministerial Declaration, draft
[   ]smh_radiation.pdf2013-01-30 23:31 1.0Marticle on Visible & Nonvisible Radiation (Svobodová, Miléř, Hollan)
[   ]smh_wcpe_suppl1.pdf2012-11-27 12:19 94Ksupplement Basic Radiation Literacy
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The directory contents is by J. Hollan, T. Miléř and J. Svobodová. It contains output of the project
"Moduly jako prostředek inovace v integraci výuky moderní fyziky a chemie"
running 2012-2014 at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno.