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Mon May 25 23:30:48 CEST 2015

Dear Friends of Builders Without Borders,

Four ​weeks ago, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck central Nepal, 
destroying homes, schools, and historic buildings, and leaving thousands 
of families without shelter as the monsoon approaches. In villages 
surrounding the epicenter, 90% of homes have completely collapsed or 
were severely damaged and rendered uninhabitable
​, and recent aftershockscaused the collapse of thousands more 
buildings. In the wake of this destruction, Nepal's communities now face 
the daunting task of rebuilding over a half a million homes and over 800 
schools--using seismically-sound construction that can withstand 
potential future quakes. Builders Without Borders hopes to be part of 
the solution.
*Builders Without Borders (BWB) is exploring sustainably-designed 
housing options to help rebuild Nepal. Our focus is on affordability, 
safety, durability, and locally-sourced building materials, in 
conjunction with design that is an appropriate fit for Nepal's climate 
and culture.

Since BWB was founded in 1999, we have developed extensive experience in 
post-earthquake rebuilding in Pakistan (www.paksbab.org 
<http://www.paksbab.org/>) and Haiti (www.builderswithoutborders.org 
<http://www.builderswithoutborders.org/>) as well as other sustainable 
building projects in places of need. We are now forming a small team to 
offer our expertise, in partnership with well-established organizations 
in Nepal. BWB is in discussion with Changing Lives Nepal 
(http://www.changinglivesnepal.org/), whose director has 17 years 
experience in Nepal and with K
EF (http://www.krmef.org/)
​ a local NGO​
​near Katmandu, which survived relatively intact, and is currently 
helping thousands of people with supplies of water and food, and 
immediate shelter. The BWB team is excited to have direct connections 
with organizations that have on-the-ground experience in Nepal.
*We need your support to begin rebuilding Nepal--to support research, 
design, and development of resilient reconstruction for homes and 
schools. Please consider a tax-deductible **donation
​ ​
​ ​
all donations will go entirely toward rebuilding projects in Nepal. *
*DONATE HERE: http://builderswithoutborders.org/donate/index.htm *by 
check or Paypal and please indicate “Rebuilding Nepal” in whichever 
donation method you choose.

BWB is committed to sustainable rebuilding projects and skills training 
in the months, as emergency relief subsides. We envision our initial 
projects leading directly to more homes constructed with safe and 
sustainable technologies with our ongoing assistance.

We will keep you apprised of our project plans as they evolve, but *we 
need your help to get started*. Your support is greatly 
appreciated--thank you!


The Builders Without Borders team

Catherine Wanek
Martin Hammer
Andy Mueller


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