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Fri May 8 09:32:38 CEST 2015

Dear strawbale builders,
I happily announce the finishing of the film "Houses of straw - 10 years 
later". I am now looking for distributors/resellers in all different 
countries to spread the film. If you have any ideas, let me know!

The DVD is available in 7 languages:

With a spoken voice-over in the following languages:
German: "Moderner Strohballenbau - Stroh im Kopf Teil 2"
English: "Houses of straw - 10 years later"
French: "Des Maisons en paille - 10 ans plus tard"
Italian: "Architettura in paglia - 10 ani doppo"

With subtitles:
Spanish: "Construcción moderna con fardos de paja - paja mental 2"
Portuguese: "Construção moderna com fardos de palha - palha mental parte 2"
Dutch: "Huizen van stro - 10 jaar onderzoek in Duitsland"

A Polish-spoken version will be made as well.

About the film:
10 years after my first film on strawbale building, we visit some of the 
houses that were built 10 years ago: how are the owners doing in their 
strawbale homes? Next to that, we discover new developments such as 
improved post and beam structures, prefabrication of wall elements and 
the certified building product "Building Bale". We follow the building 
of the biggest strawbale building in Germany: an office building with 5 
storeys of prefabricated strawbale walls!
It´s an inspiring, 1 hour-journey through Germany´s strawbale landscape.

Information about the DVD/Blue Ray:
Duration: 63 minutes plus 17 minutes bonus clips
(c) ÖKOFILM 2015
2nd revised edition
Price DVD: 18,00 €
Price Blue Ray: 25,00 €
Online-Shop URL: www.ecofilm.de

Best wishes,
Heidi Snel

Straße der Einheit 13
D - 14806 Bad Belzig
snel at oekofilm.de

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