[Strawbale] best position for moisture sensors in bale walls

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On Tue, 25 Mar 2014 20:02:08 -0400, Dave Howorth <dave at howorth.org.uk>  

> I remember reading a paper where somebody had installed sensors both at
> the inside and outside of a bale wall, and both at the top and the
> bottom of the wall. Then they monitored it for a year or more.


I suspect that the paper to which you refer is one compiled by Rob Jolly  
 from Northern Alberta Canada, as part of a series of studies under the  
auspices of Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp (CMHC) Research back in the  

I thought that I had put it up at the SB-r-Us site but in checking just  
now, it appears that I just put up a PDF of the instructions for  
fabricating a simpler version of the CMHC-style wood block moisture  
sensors that Rob had developed for his study project.
See the "Moisture" folder in the "Files" section.

All I have is a hard copy version of Rob's report... IIRC about 20-or-so  
(possibly more) but it should be available in a digital version from the  
CMHC.gc website. If not digital, they will certainly send out a hard copy.
It's a bit late (early morning) for me to be writing up a discussion about  
the topic right now ... maybe manana, if nobody else does.
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