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Menno Houtstra mennohoutstra at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 13:31:13 CET 2014

hurray for the french dip!

thanks a lot max, and everybody for your invaluable comments!
see pic under for the present stage of my building,
will update you about the result, including feed back from the authorities :)

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014 7:54 PM, Max Vittrup Jensen <Max at PermaLot.org> wrote:
Hi again,
>Ok, so not 'unplastered', but 'slightly plastered' (Sounds like me after a night at the pub!)
>I'm aware about approx. 5 national fire tests, but due to the cost and the aim they are all done with between 3-5 cm earthen plaster. 
>The only firetest I'm aware off which actually confirms that a clayslip is sufficient is the one carried out at the final evening of the excellent ESBG07 in Germany. -I just noticed that my hopelessly amateurish filming of it has received 12.986 on youtube! 
>I don't know if links work in this forum, if not then search for 'Strawbale fire test'
>...But I'm afraid it's not going to convince the authorities...
>Cheers, Max
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