[Strawbale] compressing or not

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I do not know if is there any 'scientific' test, I have only to share my experience: ten years practicing & teaching and 46 sb building realized.
Tests many times are contradictory and often fail when they want to put natural materials into a table...

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Are there scientific tests that show that compressing a wall actually benefits the insulation value or that provide a maximum compression level?
kind regards Tom Peeters 
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    From my personal experience, both in load bearing than in post and beam, compression (and well done!) is essential for static, structural and insulation reasons.Stefanowww.laboa.orgDate: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 12:59:56 +0100From: jure.pozar at gmail.comTo: strawbale at amper.ped.muni.czSubject: [Strawbale] compressing or not

    Dear all,
      I have a fairly simple question? Is it necessarily to compress a
      wall of strawbales which is supporting only itself. It is basicaly
      an exterior strawbale wrapper of an existing brick wall. As far as
      I can remember Kuba didn`t compress strawbales on his workshop on
      ESBG in 2011. Can the strawbales sit-down after some years due to
      its weight and make cracks to the exterior clay plaster? The
      height of the wall is less than 3 meters.

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