[Strawbale] Our pre-fab straw bale company has really let us down

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I have the opposite view from Caroline.  I think real-world experiences are extremely valuable, and I would like to read more details about this situations, and others.  There may be certain legal issues with discussing the case on a semi-public forum, if Sandra decides to take legal action against this company, but I hope she will share everything she wishes to about the situation.

I am happy to hear Sandra’s emotional responses to this situation, and I’d like to hear more facts and concrete details about the house, the plan, the architect, the regulatory issues, and all the other details that any of us might face when we build a house.  Even those of us who plan to build for ourselves may gain extra insights into the problems that we might be avoiding, when we avoid working with a contractor.

This list has been extremely quiet for many months.  I think it is great to have something real to talk about, and some concrete information to consider.  Please provide as many details as you like, Sandra.  I’d love to hear from your architect, as well.

I respect Caroline’s right to be disinterested in this or any other topic.  I hope that the Delete key is a sufficient remedy for anyone who wishes to avoid reading information on this or other topics.  Obviously, there are diverse opinions among the people on this list, and making the personal choice to read or not read is always an option.  If this topic does become active, keeping the subject line intact will help anyone to recognize the message thread, and delete it if they choose.  Trimming (deleting) the old postings from the bottom of the messages, except for the essential text being commented on, is helpful.

I welcome more data, from Sandra, and from everyone else.  Caroline, if you want to explain to us why you think discussion of real problems is inappropriate for this list, I would be interested in that, too.  Perhaps I will change my mind.


On Jul 4, 2014, at 10:59 AM, Caroline Meyer White <hojtpaastraa at gmail.com<mailto:hojtpaastraa at gmail.com>> wrote:

I am sorry guys,
To me this is quite inappropriate on a list like this. I hope Sandra feels that she got her emotions aired out, but to get into an issue between a company and a customer because of some delays on an open email list, no thank you.
Personally I do not need to hear the other side of the story, or more from this side. I hope that will be respected.

All the best to you all,

Caroline Meyer White

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