[Strawbale] Our pre-fab straw bale company has really let us down

Sandra Ward sandra at algarvia.net
Fri Jul 4 18:45:28 CEST 2014

Dear Everyone:

I just thought I would let you all know that we are building our pre-fab straw bale house here in Belgium, and using a certain pre-fab company.  They have really let us down.  They have known for at least four months that we were going to move in last month (because we cannot remain in the house we are in as we had to give notice and it would cost us another $5000 to remain here).  Well, not only could we not move in last weekend, because not even one working toilet was in place, but also because the floors were not done, neither shower nor bathtub (we were promised at least one working toilet and a working bathtub for that weekend), and there were no stairs.  Oh, and the electricity had not been installed yet (it still hasn't).  Know what?  The company blamed ORES!  The project manager (the company) said that it was ORES' fault because they go on vacation from July-August every year!  I have the email to prove it.  Today, the director of the company did not show up for the meeting to go over the house with my husband.  He made the appointment on Monday with my husband, for today, at 1500 Hours.  Instead, we had to call and call and finally he told my husband that he "never confirmed the appointment!"  Well, he never cancelled it, either!  Really, I would never recommend this company to anyone.  They claim that they are also the project managers.  Instead, they do things on a "plan as you go" basis.  They didn't even know that the plumbers never showed up today.  And, they weren't interested in making them come.  It has gotten to the point that I don't even believe anything the company staff tells me.  

I think that the EU should do more for home builders, like they do for passengers on airplanes. If they don't keep their word, if the work is late, then they should be made to pay compensation to the customers.  This company said that we would be able to move in before July 1st, and we are going to be camping out in our new home because of them!  I will NEVER recommend them to anyone.  Our architect has some interesting things to say about this company, but I will let him say those things.  

I hope all of you never go through this.  



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