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As Valentina said, you can order pre-made plaster from EcoClay or  
Embarro. I have not used their products personally, but they are  
probably fine.

Another option is to buy clay from a producer of Bricks or Roof Tiles  
and make your own plaster. If these are not available in Ibiza, you  
could also contact Argiles Colades in Girona. Maybe they can send you  
clay. They don't make pre-mixed plaster, but they have nice yellow,  
red, and grey clay and they are good people. I do not know if they  
speak english.

I have not worked in Ibiza yet, but I have worked in Mallorca (in the  
same island group), and there I have had no problem finding bales,  
clay (I made my own plaster) and lime. If transportation is less  
costly from Mallorca to Ibiza than from the Península to Ibiza (I  
don't know if this is so) I can find you information for purchase of  
materials there.

There is a Spanish arquitect who works with straw living in Mallorca;  
if you are interested in the contact info write to me offlist.

One warning: in Mallorca there is a bit of a language problem with the  
word "sand" ("arena" in Spanish). When working in Mallorca I asked for  
them to deliver me sand to the worksight, and I was brought Beach Sand  
(not good for strong plasters). When I asked the local builder who was  
doing the foundation about this he said: "You asked for sand"  (he was  
laughing; I think he was testing me!). He told me that building sand  
(in Mallorca, and possibly Ibiza as well) was called "0" (cero o zero)  
in Mallorca.

This is NOT true for the rest of Spain. It is a local thing. But be  
sure when you order sand, to make sure it is from the quarry, not the  

take care,
Rikki Jennifer Nitzkin

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> Hello.
> I have a customer here in Finland building a house in Ibiza and  
> would like us to come and do the plastering works for him there. We  
> would need to source the clays from Spain as they apparently do not  
> have anything readily available in Ibiza. I was wondering if any of  
> you Spainish clay friends would be interested to help out on such a  
> project and if you would have any contacts where we could buy the  
> clays from?
> All interest welcome and appreciated.
> Thanks
> Best regards,
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