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You can see the pictures on


> The prefab panels are made of Agepan DWD16
> rigidified by wood 40X40mm (1.57") glued and nailed
> Panels:
> 2500X1250X400mm
> 98.4"x49.2x15.7"
> Bales
> 490X380X1200mm
> 19.2x14.9x47.2"
> Density (probably dry) 135kg/m3
> Primary wood structure
> KLH-board 150mm (5.9") cross laminated timber-box
> Did someone from the French strawbale community act as a consultant 
> for the straw bale aspects?
> Vincent Pierré, member of our French SB Network did the design, 
> defined the size, density of bales to use, tested the filling of the 
> panels etc.
> Did the architect in the video have previous experience with straw 
> bale building?
> No.
> What are the blue pastic-buttons in the wall (for measurement?)
> They are télescope SFS INTEC that hold the bales against the wood 
> structure without creating a thermal bridge.
> what about the load transfer of the modules, are they just fixed on 
> the KLH-board (cross laminated timber-box)?
> The loads descend through the uprights on the exterior that form I 
> beams and are supported by the foundation.
> Do you know, did they only cut the strings of the bales or did they 
> fill in loose straw as well to avoid gaps?
> They checked if the cutting of the strings sufficed for filling the 
> holes (and it did)
> The bales are compressed to achieve 135kg/m3 and are 2cm (0.78") 
> shorter than the space to fill. After cutting the strings there are no 
> more empty spots.
> And a little correction : Acording to Passiv Haus standard (15 kWh/m2) 
> this social housing should NOT exceed 130€ per year for heating, 
> cooling, ventilation and warm water costs for an appartment of 90m² 
> (about 900ft²).
> Bye,
> André - the sky is the limit - de Bouter

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