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asbn asbn at baubiologie.at
Wed Mar 6 15:52:17 CET 2013

Dear Max and all the others on this list

I just want to mention (one more time), that it was not me or the asbn  
(our network)
who made the ETA (European Technical Approval) in Austria, it was the  
company Waldland (an agricultural organisation)
together with a carpenter (Kreativer Holzbau). And it was made for a  
special system, build by this carpenter,
who wanted at this time export the modules even to Germany (as Austria  
is a small market).

As the national network we document, whats happening around straw bale  
building in Austria,
and it is clear for us (as an independant network) to talk about and  
spread such (good) news.

But we also try to tell and speak about the negative aspects (and  
always did),
and possible ways out of a dilemma.

In case of ETA: asbn had never the chance to prevent or forbid that  
(even if we had known the results).
As soon as the market is there (in a country), each company can make  
an ETA for building straw bales.
Knauf could do it, BASF could do it, Steico could do it, whoever  
thinks, that there is a market for a building product,
could establish and manufacture approved building strawbales.

And no straw bale network around the world could prevent that.
It can happen to you too, in Czech Republic, or in each other European  
This is a free market...

all the best
asbn - austrian strawbale network

Am 05.03.2013 um 08:57 schrieb Max Vittrup Jensen:

> Certified bales are also unknown in CZ, hence a triple 'Yes'.
> Seems to me that Austria has gotten themselves into the trouble  
> predicted at ESBG 2007, or simply put: I agree fully with the  
> comment by Paul Lynch.
> Cheers,
> Max

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