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Yes, certainly Max, I agree with you completely, there are much more  
tests made in Europe.
I am sorry, I just wanted to mention, that there are a lot of tests,  
e.g. the ones in Germany and Austria.

And it is a shame, that we all have to do the tests in each country of  
Europe again and again, to proof the quality of straw bales.

I want to add a big scale fire test made in France, but as this test  
is written in french,
so I just partly understand (yet I spoke with our partners Les  
Compaillons in France).

all the best
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Am 05.03.2013 um 14:01 schrieb Max Vittrup Jensen:

> Dear all,
> Hmm, it's a surprise to me that there's not more awareness that two  
> independent researchers, Jan Ruzicka, and Marek Pokorny in Czech  
> Republic succeeded in carrying through a 220 minutes state certified  
> fire test in 2011.... As Jan Ruzicka a few month later shared with  
> us at the conference day of the ESBG 2011.
> His presentation can be downloaded here: http://slamenestavitelstvi.cz/esbg/index.html
> Cheers,
> Max
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