[Strawbale] certification of straw bales

Sebastien Hubert sebastien.hubert at mc2000.be
Mon Mar 4 20:32:17 CET 2013

Hello Herbert,

Here is an answer for belgium :

1.  We are allowed to build one family houses with normal uncertified 
straw bales.  Altough in the future it will be more difficult because 
the insulating standards are getting better and better.

2.  I don't know the status for public buildings...

3.  It is also possible to insulate existing buildings with uncertified 
bales.  The insulating standards for existing houses are lower than 
those for new houses.

Hope this can help you.


Sebastien Hubert

On 04/03/13 20:11, asbn wrote:
> Dear Balers in Europe
> As we have troubles with building officials (esp. in Lower Austria), 
> who want only certified building-balles in buildings,
> even when you insulate a roof or ceiling to a roof in an existing 
> building (without any funding or banque-credits),
> I would like to know, what the actual situation is in your country:
> So I have only 3 short questions (your answer would help me very much):
> 1) Is it allowed to build one-family-houses with normal uncertified 
> straw bales in your country?
> 2) Is it allowed to build official buildings (e.g. museums, 
> schools,...) with non-certified bales?
> 3) Is it allowed to insulate an existing building (without an official 
> plan) with non-certified bales in your country?
> all the best / thank you for answers:-)
> Herbert Gruber
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