[Strawbale] certification of straw bales

asbn asbn at baubiologie.at
Mon Mar 4 20:11:51 CET 2013

Dear Balers in Europe

As we have troubles with building officials (esp. in Lower Austria),  
who want only certified building-balles in buildings,
even when you insulate a roof or ceiling to a roof in an existing  
building (without any funding or banque-credits),
I would like to know, what the actual situation is in your country:

So I have only 3 short questions (your answer would help me very much):

1) Is it allowed to build one-family-houses with normal uncertified  
straw bales in your country?

2) Is it allowed to build official buildings (e.g. museums,  
schools,...) with non-certified bales?

3) Is it allowed to insulate an existing building (without an official  
plan) with non-certified bales in your country?

all the best / thank you for answers:-)
Herbert Gruber
asbn - austrian strawbale network
3720 Ravelsbach, Baierdorf 6
Tel. 02958-83640
asbn at baubiologie.at

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