[Strawbale] Funded courses in Italy, deadline 30th April

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*I hope it can be of your interest*

*Please spread the word*

NEW!  Funded places on La Boa residential courses

all tuition, accommodation, food and travel costs

Loadbearing Strawbale Building


Natural Finishes - Lime renders and Clay plasters

with Stefano Soldati, Bee Rowan & guest tutors

Grundtvig European Funding

For European Union members

Application Deadline :  30th April

Please pass this information onto your European networks and friends

*7 day Strawbale Building ‘Build a loadbearing studio in a week’*

           •         Dates  September 23rd to 30th 2013

*7 day course in ‘Natural Finishes - Clay & Lime Plastering’*

           •       Dates  28th May to 5th April 2014

If you are a trainer, teacher or workshop facilitator in Europe and want to
learn about effective teaching practices as well as natural building
methods, you can apply for European funding for the above new courses. The
teaching methods will be a fusion of those of Italian Permaculture teacher
and strawbale trainer Stefano Soldati, and Bee Rowan, of UK based
strawbuild, previously Head of Training for amazonails. Funding
opportunities exist if you live in a European Union country, outside of
Italy. All course costs, travel, accommodation and food will be covered,
but you must apply to your own in-country agency by the 30th April. We may
be able to help you with making an application.

To apply, contact the main data base at


and follow the link to your own country agency.  Then give your agency a
ring if you have any questions – they are usually pretty helpful and want
to assist you in getting funded placements.  Each country agency has
slightly different criteria, but they all generally require that you are
part of a group or organisation that works with adult learners in some
capacity.  You will also need to give them a costs breakdown for (a) the
course, (b) accommodation and food, and (c) for travel.  If successful, it
is likely your whole costs will be covered.

Although the above courses don’t yet have a database reference number, you
can still apply at this stage.   As soon as we have the reference number we
will put this up on the website and circulate it around.

Please let your contacts across Europe know about this great funding and
learning opportunity!!

contact us for details

Stefano:  casadipaglia at hotmail.com, www.laboa.org

Bee:  bee at strawbuild.org

Angela: angimes3 at gmail.com

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