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I was recently involved in a 100 sq meter timber frame an project and we has no problem with building control at all.  But it helps to have a good understanding of the structure issues if your design

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On Thu, 2013-04-04 at 13:54 -0700, Keith Russell wrote:
> It all depends on the Council planners policy.

No. Planners are concerned about the outside appearance of buildings,
not about the materials they are built from (except insofar as they may
have policies to encourage environmentally-friendly building).

Building Control are the people who are interested in how the building
is constructed - whether it will stand up, how quickly it will burn down
etc. The local authority (a.k.a. Council) building control may vary in
their attitudes and knowledge but you are free to ignore them and choose
an independent building control agency who has experience of straw bale
construction. Contact me offlist if you need more details.

>    The frame design I want is custom made tor bales, not other
> insulation.  I'm looking at a plot next week, but I don't want a "UK
> Generic" built to "only just" meet the efficiency requirements.
> Keith Russell
> mooncat_2005 at operamail.com

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