[Strawbale] ESBG13 @Poland

Bane M. Prvanovic house at beocity.net
Mon Mar 19 08:10:22 CET 2012

Dear Pavel,

We will build Public venue for performing art at Ada Ciganlija in Avgust 2013. regardless that ESBG will not take place here in Serbia. This project is very serious and mainstream media covered, so we will not spoil a chance to raise awareness of Serbian atuhorities and public, they have been 'in a dark' for a long period of time...

So, thanks for your offer to become a partner at organization of ESBG 2013, but we can not deal with your organisation whilst we are dealing with our own, also running several other European projects here.

If we can help in some other way, please do not hesitate to ask. 

I am wishing you luck.

Best regards,
Bane M. Prvanovic

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  Hi there ;-)

  Wow! :-) Is it really happening ? ;D Pinch me please ... :D

  I'd like to express great respect for Serbia for being such well-prepared competitor. Now, at the times of doing things, we can do them together as partners. How about that Bane ? ;-)

  People, thank you so much for your votes and belief ;-) With some of you we've already met in Poland last year @Cohabitat-Gathering Fest. This year edition will be our main beta-test for our crew and engines before organizing ESBG - you will have a chance to experience this force. I'm really exited about it and quite sure we can put a lot of fresh spirit into ESBG tradition!

  Here @Cohabitat we love to do things with crowds :) We will look for many ways to cooperate with ESBGCommunity, with you! If something comes to your mind right now, please express it in next 20 seconds! ;-))

  In case you were interested what I feel right now...this is how happy I am ;-)))

  Paweł Sroczyński
  architect, project manager

  Natural Architecture Studio

  mobile: +48606484141
  www:    http://www.cohabitat.net/
  skype:  pawelsroczynski


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