[Strawbale] ESBG13 @Poland

Pawel Sroczynski p.sroczynski at cohabitat.net
Sat Mar 17 14:03:10 CET 2012

Hi there ;-)

Wow! :-) Is it really happening ? ;D Pinch me please ... :D

I'd like to express great respect for Serbia for being such well-prepared
competitor. Now, at the times of doing things, we can do them together as
partners. How about that Bane ? ;-)

People, thank you so much for your votes and belief ;-) With some of you
we've already met in Poland last year @Cohabitat-Gathering Fest. This year
edition will be our main beta-test for our crew and engines
before organizing ESBG - you will have a chance to experience this force.
I'm really exited about it and quite sure we can put a lot of fresh spirit
into ESBG tradition!

Here @Cohabitat we love to do things with crowds :) We will look for many
ways to cooperate with ESBGCommunity, with you! If something comes to your
mind right now, please express it in next 20 seconds! ;-))

In case you were interested what I feel right now...this is how happy I am

[image: Obraz w treści 1]

Paweł Sroczyński
*architect, project manager*

*Natural Architecture Studio

mobile: +48606484141
www:    http://www.cohabitat.net/
skype:  pawelsroczynski
facebook.com/CohabitatGroup <http://www.facebook.com/CohabitatGroup>
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