[Strawbale] tadelakt on clay plaster

smakoszyki biuro at smakoszyki.com.pl
Wed Jun 20 15:48:51 CEST 2012

Hi there;
I'll be applying tadelakt on clay plaster shortly. Plaster is just clay, 
some sand and very little straw particles. Should I think of any primer, to 
prevent premature drying of tadelakt and proper bonding, or is wetting and 
scouring the plaster enough?
I've heard of Baumit and Kreidezeit products, though it sounds funny to 
apply thinly laid  limeplaster (Baumit) as a primer for another thinly laid 
lime plaster - tadelakt.
I've thought of diluted sodium glass. I want to retain wall breathability.
Piotr Kaczmarek

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