[Strawbale] airtight plaster

Dave Howorth dave at howorth.org.uk
Sat Jun 16 01:31:44 CEST 2012

Thanks Seb! (and belated thanks to RT and Sarah as well).

That's exactly the kind of information I was hoping for and very
encouraging for our project. I'd be really interested to learn about the
results of your next test when you do it, and especially anything that
you discover about where the air is leaking.

I have a couple of questions about details of things in your document:

- what's a proclima DA membrane?. In the proclima catalogue I have, I
can see some tape called DA-S that is green and described as "Airtight
vapour check sealing strip". There is also a membrane called Intesana,
which is described as "a combination of exsting DA fleece with the
intelligent INTELLO film". But DA fleece is not listed. Is it something
not available to Anglo-Saxons, or just a different name for something?

- Also, what's Unatit - google doesn't show me anything relevant.

Thanks again,

On Fri, 2012-06-15 at 22:41 +0200, Sebastien Hubert wrote:
> Hello all,
> Please find below my answer to Dave.  But the file is too big.
> You can download it on :
> http://www.mc2000.be/docs/air_tightness_straw_bale_house.pdf
> Cheers

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