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Sebastien Hubert sebastien.hubert at mc2000.be
Fri Jun 15 22:41:51 CEST 2012

Hello all,

Please find below my answer to Dave.  But the file is too big.

You can download it on :



On 15/06/2012 22:32, Sebastien Hubert wrote:
> Hello Dave,
> There is no problem to use plaster as the main barrier.
> I've put a document describing airtightness of a straw bale house.
> We did a blowerdoor test before finishing the last plaster layer.  
> Although the last layer was not done yet, the result of the test was 
> very good.
> The result we get is quite encouraging as we reach the value of 0.93 
> (each hour 0.93 air volume of the house is renewed under a pressure of 
> 50Pa.  For a passive house the value should be 0.6 max.  Altough we 
> will not be passive we are quite close to it.  A new test will be done 
> later as the finish coat is done now.
> I hope the file is not too big for the list...  If it's too big, I'll 
> put it on a web site....
> I hope this will help you ...
> Cheers
> Seb
> On 09/06/2012 15:56, Dave Howorth wrote:
>> I'm planning to build a loadbearing bale house next year. I'm currently
>> thinking about airtightness (I'm of the 'build tight, ventilate right'
>> school of thought). It doesn't seem to be an easy subject to read up
>> about, so I'd welcome any advice or pointers to materials about making
>> straw bale walls airtight.
>> I'm planning to use the indoor plaster as the main airtight barrier. It
>> will probably be clay plaster, though lime is a possible alternative. I
>> know a bit about tapes to use at window and ceiling junctions and so
>> forth. My main concern at the moment is about how to use clay plaster to
>> make an airtight barrier that stays airtight. So things like minimising
>> cracking and so on.
>> I'd be grateful for [links to] any information about practical
>> techniques and recipes, and information about any airtightness tests.
>> Thanks, Dave
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