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paul paul at naturalbuilding.fi
Fri Feb 17 17:01:18 CET 2012

Hello all. 
I have followed all the last weeks episodes and discussions and during that time have also followed some similar if not so heated issues on Face book. I would just like to say that we shouldn't forget that everyone here wants the same thing, and that is to simply use natural materials in buildings and make all buildings healthy and energy efficent. We all have a degree of differents skills and enthusiasm. The thing that hits me the most is peoples tolerance or intolerance of each other and their different ways. Please be more tolerant, be more trusting of each other and more helping towards each others ideas and ways. It will help us to move things forward musch faster and  with greater strenght.

Its all good what we are all trying to do and achieve, no one has to be better of further ahead than the other, and even the younger of us have ideas for the older more experienced ones among us and yes can learn a lot from you, but you can also be open and learn a lot from us. This is supposed to be a NATURAL community afterall.

Just what I feel has to be said. 

Best regards,

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On 17 feb 2012, at 17.07, Derek Roff wrote:

> I think the language issues are very significant.  There is a lot of implicit discrimination in the automatic use of English in international situations.  Native speakers of English have an unfair advantage, and end up providing a disproportionate percentage of the dialog.  It also diminishes or closes off the experience and information flow to a large group of knowledgeable people who are uncomfortable with English.  
> There isn't an immediate solution to this problem, just as there isn't an immediate solution to global warming, non-toxic materials, pollution, zero-energy building, or any of the other problems that we work on.  To solve important long-term problems, it is necessary for a community such as ours to dedicate continuously some time, attention, and work on solving each of them.  If we start investing time on the language problem now, over the course of ten years, we might be able to transition to a practical, more democratic and egalitarian communication alternative to the dominance of English in our discussions.  If we don't, in ten years, we will see even greater English dominance than we have now.  I hope we can avoid that.  
> Derek  
> On Feb 16, 2012, at 4:01 PM, asbn wrote:
>> and many other good European
>> straw bale builders, researchers, scientists, enthusiasts are not on this
>> list, because they don't speak english or do more practice than writing
>> emails, but are still active.
>> US-baleheads have the big advantage of a common (native) language, while we
>> Europeans always try to explain sometimes complicated contexts in english as
>> the common conference-language (and whoever made international seminars or
>> workshops or presentations about e.g. building physics knows what I mean).
> Derek Roff
> derek at unm.edu
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