[Strawbale] no more Personal discussion please

Jan Hollan jhollan at amper.ped.muni.cz
Thu Feb 16 12:41:38 CET 2012

Dear 599 strawbale at amper list members,

thank you for your tolerance with the current flood of letters tackling 
somehow such a "SB problem" what somebody had said and what injustice has 
been done.

Our list has a public archive, which I believe to be a good source of 
information for everybody in the world.

Mixing personal quarrels into it means poisoning it. Nobody will ever be 
interested in them or discussions about some past meeting. They don't 
promote straw as a material to be applied in civil engineering.

Max has his own space to put his views and defence, permalot.org -- our 
list is not the proper place for such things. Past ESBG meeting is a 
central issue there, let it remains there, only there.

As for Herbert's legitimity, I think that viewing his site 
http://www.baubiologie.at reveals it: this is a real resource for the 
world, since a decade. He was not elected to run it. He just made it (as I 
established this mailinglist).

Last, my old beg, once again: please don't copy a sequence of past 
messages to your postings. Anybody can find them in the archive. If you 
need to comment on a specific sentence or a paragraph, insert the 
necessary quotation into the body of your writings. (Of course, the 
quotation should concern SB or related technology, as this may be 
potentially interesting for everybody.) Copying vast old texts asks the 
readers to go through them, seeking if there is perhaps something new at 
last. No, it's but a spam.

  Jenik, strawbale list owner, Brno, Czechia

    A case for my country: there are some widely respected people here too, 
with many excellent buildings behind them, like those from Ekodum group. 
However, as they are mostly no fluent English speakers, they don't post to 
our list. And of course, they aren't represented by Max. There is far more 
to Czech expertise then just the past ESBG. But, let's not discuss it any 

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