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Hello Juan,

I have built quite a few strawbale buildings with roadstone filled tyres, we 
have had some testing done in England to satisfy building regs here, there 
is no problem with them taking the weight and the roadstone staying dry, my 
only concern is how to finish off, or hide the exposed tyres, to keep them 
from deteriorating with sunlight. To this end we have tried different 
methods such as:-
Earth berm up the sides of the tyres(which will probably rot the tyres, but 
the build was only for 5-10 years duration)
Infilled v gaps with stones and portland cement rendered, (not much good if 
you're trying to avoid cement)
Wooden laths affixed to and between tyres with screws and clay rendered (my 
favourite so far, but may need redoing/touching up every so often)
Left exposed to sunlight and suck it and see.

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I bought and read the Book of Rikki, documentándome with everything I see
the net, but still I have doubts that I hope can help please

If I make two rows of tires filled with gravel to build
Nebraska plant system with hipped roof is it necessary to
some kind of foundation or enough with the tires?

If in the future extend the roof to get up another plant with the same
system still valid the plinth tire?

The house is 5 x 5 meters inside, 6 x 6 exterior.

Thank you very much for your help.
Juan Manuel


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