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Hi Sven. We use the  450/30 and find it very good. This is what Kermo and Taavi use also. So i think the 660l would even be stronger?

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> Labas Jonas,
> I have also dragon sprayer now. Could you tell me what kind of compressor you have used and what do you think about Kaeser 660 l/min in Premium line? http://www.kaeser.ee/Products_and_Solutions/Reciprocating_compressors/premium/default.asp#0
> Have a nice autumn my friends!
> Tervitustega
> sven
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> Hello dear Bane and others,
> as you learned from Mr. Bane some months ago i have bought DragOn Pro but just to days ago i have tried it plastering wooden house covered with straw. In one day free of us plastered more than 100 square meters first coat: i was sprayer, another worked on mixing clay plaster and the last one worked on smoofing (with trowel). house was not well done with straw - owner did it first time by himself (you can imagine this:), so we put about plus/minus 2 cm thick.
> my impesion after seven years plastering by hands: it was really cool...thanks to Mr. Bane. of course it wasn't easy to spay this way all day long and one more after, but i did it without big pain, very fast, and i  am very happy what i was succeed. I use it even on the interior wall from the bricks (want to find out possibility to do this because i feel big people interesting in near future in plastering bricks houses with natural plaster ). So with my warm regards to everybody i am sending some pictures from my practice:)
> p.s. also i have movie clip from this work, just now don't know how to put it into Web, so you will need to wait a little:)) 
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