[Strawbale] Blood and Agar-agar

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Sat Mar 26 13:05:48 CET 2011

Just want to add that my personal experience with sheep butchering our 9 
month ram and painting wood with the blood was very disappointing when 
measured in m2: it didn't cover much more than 1,5 m2.  You'd need quite 
the massacre to get enough, which may be the reason why traditionally in 
Scandinavia it was bulls blood (large animal). -I've always wondered if 
there's any difference in blood from cows and bulls? Can't find any data 
on it.
Obviously it should be possible to get it as a waste product from a 
butchery, but in DK and CZ (likely EU rule) that takes a veterinarian 
In traditional cultures the blood is typically used for cooking (I once 
slaughtered reindeers with laplaenders, and blood went straight in the 
cooking pot) so again you're competing with food production.

As far as agar-agar goes: the main production of it is in Japan, and 
where American's seem to be hording iodine due to the 1200 x normal 
radioactivity (BBC today) in the waters near the leaking reactor, my 
wife will be hording Agar-Agar with a production date before March 10th! 
It's also her favorite for thickening jams and cakes, as it's not made 
from animal bones like gelatin... (Yes; she suffers from the 'ick' factor!).

All in all; urin, shit or linseed oil is my recommended choices.


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