[Strawbale] Big Bale Building (BBB) workshop in PermaLot, right after ESBG 2011

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Tue Jul 26 23:57:33 CEST 2011

Dear all,

Today we received a very pleasant surprise: The information that our 
workshop application was approved anyhow (Last month we were told there 
wasn't any funding). Noe Solsona, Michal Kallesen and I are ready to 
facilitate the 10 day workshop, accommodation and travel is funded, now 
who wants to be the 15 European participants who get to enjoy all of 
this for free?
We're hoping to get a fair part of experienced balers already involved 
with (or  seriously interested in setting up) BBB businesses, though the 
workshop is open for all EU residents (N, CH, etc.)

Here's the program outlined in the application: Please be aware that 
we'll adjust the program in accordance with experience and needs of the 

Arrival  ->30/08  (Some may have attended the ESBG, and enjoyed a few 
days off from the 27/08. Ice breaking and intro activities during the 
evening of 30/08
01/09  Worksite tour, safety on worksite course, design, logistics, 
planning; 50% hands on building activity. Focus on small group work to 
get people acquainted.
02/09  BBB in practise and theory, depending on stage of the building 
process. Sharing of experiences.
03/09  Passive house detailing in theory and praxis. Theme of the day is 
energy savings.
04/09  Day off. Possibility to use PermaLot’s bikes, rent horses, 
explore the surrounding nature, castle, caves or our library
05/09  ½ day: Know your soils. Introduction in theory and praxis to 
commercial rough plaster spraying. Modules of the ‘LearnWithClay’ 
curriculum for testing soil and plasters. Other half focused on 
co-operative business management. Skill share.
06/09  Administration; Estimating, workflow analysis, budgeting, Gantt 
chart, EU migration worker rules and trade union issues. 30% hands on 
building activity
07/09  Interior walls, mounting of wall heating, reed mats, burlap; part 
theory, part hands on.
08/09  50% Theory about final plasters, 50% group assignment to design 
their own BBB house project, using model, Sketch-up, and including a 
Gantt chart, budget etc.
09/09  50% hands on with final plaster, 50% group assignment to design 
their own house project, using model, Sketch-up, and including a Gantt 
chart, budget etc.
10/09  Group presentation of projects, tests, evaluations. ½ day for ad 
hoc topics
11/09  Departure

To apply: Please outline your interest and previous experience in a mail 
to me (no; don't simply hit reply and bother this e-list!).
Please reply fast; we don't have much time to waste... And please help 
in getting this mail disseminated in Eastern Europe too; believe there's 
many who's not subscribed to this list...



  Ing. Max Vittrup Jensen
  "Jen-Sen: Make it Reality"
  Consultancy in sustainable engineering, planning and environment
  +420 585 15 20 10 - www.jen-sen.cz

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