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Hi Thomas,

I am no lime expert, but I have at least read a lot about it. I do  
know quite a bit about clay though.

As far as I understand, for every part of lime added you should add 3  
parts more of sand in volume. lime also needs a moist environment to  
dry in. ¿was is under direct sun? Maybe it dried too quick. If so, try  
hanging wet blankets from the eaves of the house to slow the drying.

As for the amount of lime you use, I would make test patches. Every  
lime, sand and clay are different and when you combine them there are  
too many variables to give exact recipes. Depending on your clay (and  
climate) you may need more or less lime.

I hope someone else on this list with more lime experience can add  
more information.

Is 5% lime enough to make the plaster water resistant? I thought more  
was needed, but I haven't tested it in person yet.

take care,
Rikki Jennifer Nitzkin
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> Hello,
> Last week put some scratch coat onto my strawbale garage. The render  
> mix that I
> have used for the?inside?was 4 parts?coarse sand to 1 part pure clay? 
> to 0,5
> part?chopped straw. With this mix everything went perfect,? no  
> cracks appeared
> when the plaster dried.
> ?For the outside scratch coat?I used the same ratio plus added  
> hydrated lime in
> powder to?the mix. The ratio of the lime I tried to keep to around  
> 5% of the
> mix. The outside plaster cracked a lot. I'm sure?that the reason for  
> the cracks
> was lime. There was little area outside where I did not put lime in  
> the plaster,
> and in?this area no cracks appeared when the plaster dried. What  
> ratio of lime
> should I keep in the mix for the outside?
> Regards,
> Tomas
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