[Strawbale] Planning a home of BigBales 2011 in Estonia

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Sat Feb 26 08:31:22 CET 2011

Hello all! 
We are also interested in this subject here in Finland and would like to know about your different thoughts about Creep and load-bearing testing. We are building loadbearing with mini big bales  200x 50x 80 lying flat and have had some questions from the authorities about these two subjects. When trying to show testing from other countries it does not always suit and there are not so many exact test results, or are there and we just have not found them? We are like Sven dealing with extreme snow loads, e.g. up to 1.2 meters on roofs this year alone. 

Sven, our partner in The Natural Building Company, Anders Westerlund is a DI structural engineer  and is constantly working on these tests and trying to find solutions for different queries all the time and I think we could work together to solve these questions as we are so close to one another and have the same climates. If you do make it on Tuesday when I am visiting we could discuss this.
Best regards,

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On 25 feb 2011, at 21.53, equilibre wrote:

> Dear SB people!
> I'm writing to you just to let you know about one of my plans for this year
> and asking for your advice. This summer I would like to build a home for our
> family. I have a design plan with approval from local authoroties and big
> bales are ready to use, we have some amount of trusses, also clay+sand, lime
> and roof shindles. 
> But still I feel the need for consultation about construction details:
> foundation, "bearing" posts, ceiling, etc. So far I have built already some
> SB houses, also in our climate, and I have basic knowledge of building
> principles. But the big (two-storage) load bearing construction seems more
> complicated than my previous experiences can afford. 
> So I would like to invite you to share knowledge about details in big bale
> construction. I have added also some views of the house as it is right now
> (house is a 12m wide and 20m long).
> Any feedback and advice is warmly appreciated,
> Thank you!
> Sven Aluste
> Estonia
> www.equilibre.ee/ehitus1.htm
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