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I had neither the honour nor the privilege of meeting Judy in person but  
rather, just had a handful of opportunities to exchange emails with her.

In those few missives, it was obvious to me that I was communicating with  
a person who was interested in working towards the Greater Good -- a  
person for which the Ego was of no consequence -- a person who struck me  
as being one who one who did not need to speak loudly in order for her  
voice to resonate deeply .

Nor did I ever have the pleasure of meeting Matts in person, merely having  
exchanged just as few emails with him.

Nevertheless, it was obvious to me that these two were inextricably bound  
-- hearts, minds and souls -- by a selfless love that was reflected  
outwards, touching and illuminating many, all around this globe.

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> Can you pass on the sad news of Judy's passing to the GSBN I am  
> unsuscribed
> for the moment.
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