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Wed Dec 21 17:35:44 CET 2011

After seeing Tom Peeters' comment about there being "too many stupid  
people in the world" in response to the Alberquerky Derelict's posting re:  
a Christmas lighting contest, it occurred to me that I had not seen the  
message sent out by the Wild Bill-bob Christensen, the Ted Turner of  
Greenbuilding, (appended below) in this week's Euro SB List email.

Now, whether this was due to a small oversight on Bill-bob's part or a  
long-festering Murrican colonial prejudice against the European homeland  
who provided the many millions of persecuted, downtrodden, weary,etc. who  
populated the Colonies, I don't know. You'll have to ask him.

However, whatever Bill-bob's reason for not copying the Euro SB List on  
the message, I find it just as curious as to why members of the GSBN list  
who are also subscribed to this Euro SB List, did not feel compelled to  
forward a copy of the message.  If one were the suspicious type, one might  
suspect that there was some sort of shadowy global conspiracy afoot but  
you'll have to ask Andre about that.

PS: For those whose first language is not English and may not see that the  
above comments were made with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek ...  
well, then I don't know what to say.

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(apologies for cross-posts)

Hi folks,

I suspect that many of you have noticed various postings on these lists
over the years referencing a 'shadowy cabal' known as GSBN - the Global
Straw Building Network.  They're not really all that shadowy, it turns out.

GSBN was formed back in 1997 or 1998, as the popularity of strawbale
construction soared and the early leaders of the movement got tired of
answering "SB 101" questions and wading through the daily piles of email
on the existing email discussion lists of the time, and began, one by
one, to unsubscribe and slip quietly away.   In order to provide a
private area for deeper discussions by working professionals,
researchers, representatives of local and regional straw-building
organizations, and the like, and to act as a sort of advisory group for
The Last Straw Journal (http://thelaststraw.org), we put together a
private, invitation-only discussion group.

We've long made the archived discussions available to all (see
<http://sustainablesources.com/mailman/listinfo.cgi/GSBN> or use your
favorite search engine to search for "GSBN" and your favorite topic),
We're now taking that a step further by opening up GSBN to read-only
subscribers - you'll receive all the emails, though you won't be allowed
to post to the general list.

We hope that this will allow more people to better understand the
intricacies, challenges, and joys of straw construction as it continues
to spread around the world, and will result in quick adoption of better
building techniques and wider acceptance by building and insurance

To join GSBN as a read-only subscriber, please go to
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