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wanneer ging dit door /heb je zin om te gaan?


ESBG 11 schreef:
> We're in full process of making the final program for the conference 
> day of the European Straw Bale Gathering, a day which can include 
> about 40 more people (that's what the conference room at the local 
> hotel can accommodate). We expect this event to attract the 
> non-English speaking CZ/SK interested parties; architects, engineers, 
> educators, researchers and hopefully some decision makers within 
> construction. Hence the event will be simultaneously interpreted to 
> Czech language, and priced to cover the added cost of translation. 
> Eventually the presentations will be made available online by Michal 
> Napierzynski www.dobraidea.pl <http://www.dobraidea.pl> , just like he 
> already did with last weekends excellent 'Cohabitat' 
> <http://vimeo.com/22005530> conference in Poland.
> The format of the conference is the trendy TED format; headset 
> microphone, multimedia and 17 minutes max. per speaker, 18 speakers 
> during the day. We have selected quite a diverse groups of outstanding 
> persons within themes such as education, entrepreneurship, research 
> and techniques, however we would like also to include a presentation 
> about SB and EU building laws, and still have a tiny amount of space 
> for another presentation about a unique research, or technique? 
>  Anyone know who knows most about this? Dirk Scharmer? 
> ...Perhaps some of you could help us by urging Canadian Robert W.Tom (Archilogic) to make a 17 min video'ed presentation which we can watch, as he's not likely to fly over? He's  a bit shy about answering our mails, but if you all send him a private email he may get the hint? < A r c h i L o g i c  at  Y a h o o  dot  C A > I mean, isn't it time we all find out if he's simply a Google/Wikipedia robot?
> The Friday evening will be topped off with a unique one in a life time 
> experience: Rock da Castle!
> What's better than "Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band"?   
>                                              * "Tom Rijven and the 
> A'dam Straat Band"!*
> -A Dutch 7 person band arriving to celebrate the retirement (age) of 
> Tom among his family of 'Balers'! Certain to fill up the courtyard of 
> the Bouzov castle...
> Sincerely yours,
> Max & The ESBG Team
> PS: Remember that only way now to gain the early bird discount price 
> of 150 euro is as a speaker; the ESBG ticket now goes for 200 Euro and 
> rising...  How long do you dare to wait  ?! What if ticket sharks 
> purchase the rest and sell the tickets for 500 Euro?  
> PS: We now have about 70 participants from: Altai Republic, Austria, 
> Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,  Estonia, Finland, France, 
> Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, 
> Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom
> PS: We hand sowed 1 hectare of long stemmed wheat yesterday; 
> potentially we can arrange scything course. We are looking for a vegie 
> farmer for the season; if you know of a skilled person then please 
> have him/her contact us.
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