[Strawbale] Load bearing extention onto stone cottage

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Dear Alison,
I have done couple of extension of a stone buildings. You have to pay atention to details and joints. In between stones and straw I usually put a vertical vapour barrier, some wood (like a base plate) and the strawbales. You have to compress the bales very well and study the joint. Every situation needs a different joint. I suggest you to ask an expert near you to come and advice you on details in order to avoid damages or problems.
Best wishes

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> Hi
> I'm looking at purchasing a single story stone cottage which has planning permission for an extension which I'd like to construct using the load-bearing method. Has anyone done this? One of my many concerns is movement of the straw walls and the roof as this will obviously be joined to the main house,thoughts.
> Many thanks
> Alison
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