[Strawbale] Green roofs on strawbale buildings

zac solomons zac.solomons at gmail...
Mon Sep 13 17:30:00 CEST 2010

Hello all

I am considering putting a green roof on my next straw bale building. I have
heard of several people doing this, but am struggling to find good info
about how to do it. I have built two smallish loadbearing sb buildings so
far, both with lightweight roofs. My next project is an outdoor kitchen for
a school and i am a bit nervous about putting a big heavy roof on it. Due to
budget constraints i would prefer not to involve an architect. It will be a
simple one storey box but i am worried about calculating loads. If there is
no point loading, can strawbale walls simply be relied upon to hold up an
extensive green roof? Is there any structural info for strawbale walls

I'm also looking for a good guide to installing a green roof: how to build
an effective drainage system, best plants and substrates etc

Hope someone can help

All the best

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