[Strawbale] Loadbearing vaults + some ESBG11 information

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Wed Sep 8 00:42:30 CEST 2010

Hi all!
I was in Slovakia with Doc. Gernot Minke. We did 1 loadbearing dome and 8
vaults in two weeks!
It was great!

Greetings from Portugal,

2010/9/7 Max Vittrup Jensen <max at permalot...>

>  Hmm, seem as if Zuzana is too busy to answer herself?
> Anyhow, I think it's time someone shares these two amazing structures
> with the list;
> Doc. Gernot Minke is busy teaching a second workshop arranged by
> Zuzana's organisation in Slovakia; 'Artur', where they are making...no,
> not 1 loadbearing vault, but 4 vaults joined by a dome (and Minke style;
> covered by grass!). Enjoy it all here:
> http://minke-strawbaledome.blogspot.com/
> ...I thought that was mighty impressive (and it is!), however once again
> Arch. Werner Schmidt impressed me. Enjoy a brief film of his latest
> wonder, no doubt built as exact as a Swiss clock work:
> http://www.videoportal.sf.tv/video?id=a0579db9-5e8f-4d34-8af1-fe5d58254b7a
> ...And as for ESBG11; We're still too busy catching up after our lovely
> 3rd 'National Celebration of Natural Building' which we hosted about a
> week ago to facilitate more information sharing about the ESBG plans.
> Suffice to say now that some folks are trying to arrange a national
> 'Open Door' day in Czech straw bale houses on 21/08 (2011), (which would
> serve the ESBG participants too), that the ESBG will start during
> afternoon of Monday 22/08 after a free day to enjoy the surroundings,
> and that we'd love to stretch the program with Saturday 27/08 as a final
> day with activities for general public (with a large 'Eco-Fair' inspired
> by pre-ESBG09), in order to serve the many Czech/Slovaks who'll enjoy
> meeting the ESBG participants, but whom we can't fit in during the week.
> ...We're also trying to arrange to build a big bale house as a workshop
> the week before (+a little during) the ESBG, however due to permits we
> can't promise anything yet.
> Asides from that then all further international information from our
> group will be handled/administrated by 'Fano', who'll write soon to this
> list and to the national (European) contacts.
> We would still love to hear from a person from each North/South/East and
> West of Europe, who would like to take on the task of renting a bus and
> drive it with participant to the ESBG11 and back?  +The program team
> would love to know which topics you'll like to present, and if any of
> your national organizations would like to manage one (or half) day program?
> Cheers,
> Max Vittrup Jensen,
> PermaLot Centre of Natural Building
> PS: Those of you enjoying the food photos from the Slovak blog: It's
> made by Franta Zacek and Co., and Franta will be the lead cook for the
> ESBG (As he were for the two Natural Building Colloquia's we arranged).
> In addition we plan to grow most of the organic food ourselves:
> Something to look forward to ;o)
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