[Strawbale] Loadbearing vaults + some ESBG11 information

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Wed Sep 8 00:35:30 CEST 2010

  Hmm, seem as if Zuzana is too busy to answer herself?

Anyhow, I think it's time someone shares these two amazing structures 
with the list;

Doc. Gernot Minke is busy teaching a second workshop arranged by 
Zuzana's organisation in Slovakia; 'Artur', where they are making...no, 
not 1 loadbearing vault, but 4 vaults joined by a dome (and Minke style; 
covered by grass!). Enjoy it all here: 

...I thought that was mighty impressive (and it is!), however once again 
Arch. Werner Schmidt impressed me. Enjoy a brief film of his latest 
wonder, no doubt built as exact as a Swiss clock work: 

...And as for ESBG11; We're still too busy catching up after our lovely 
3rd 'National Celebration of Natural Building' which we hosted about a 
week ago to facilitate more information sharing about the ESBG plans.

Suffice to say now that some folks are trying to arrange a national 
'Open Door' day in Czech straw bale houses on 21/08 (2011), (which would 
serve the ESBG participants too), that the ESBG will start during 
afternoon of Monday 22/08 after a free day to enjoy the surroundings, 
and that we'd love to stretch the program with Saturday 27/08 as a final 
day with activities for general public (with a large 'Eco-Fair' inspired 
by pre-ESBG09), in order to serve the many Czech/Slovaks who'll enjoy 
meeting the ESBG participants, but whom we can't fit in during the week. 
...We're also trying to arrange to build a big bale house as a workshop 
the week before (+a little during) the ESBG, however due to permits we 
can't promise anything yet.

Asides from that then all further international information from our 
group will be handled/administrated by 'Fano', who'll write soon to this 
list and to the national (European) contacts.
We would still love to hear from a person from each North/South/East and 
West of Europe, who would like to take on the task of renting a bus and 
drive it with participant to the ESBG11 and back?  +The program team 
would love to know which topics you'll like to present, and if any of 
your national organizations would like to manage one (or half) day program?

Max Vittrup Jensen,
PermaLot Centre of Natural Building

PS: Those of you enjoying the food photos from the Slovak blog: It's 
made by Franta Zacek and Co., and Franta will be the lead cook for the 
ESBG (As he were for the two Natural Building Colloquia's we arranged). 
In addition we plan to grow most of the organic food ourselves: 
Something to look forward to ;o)

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