[Strawbale] OSB

Peter van Balen peter at tentotwo...
Thu Nov 25 22:04:27 CET 2010

A question for Max: How do you know that with your (OSB-free)  
techniques you succeed in your "aim in wall/roof design is to let the  
moisture out as well as possible, and to condensate beyond the SB's,  
whether it's a wall or a ceiling"? Quickly looking at the various Sd- 
values of your proposed construction techniques, it looks to me that  
it's quite likely in some climates that the dew point is in your SB.  
Whether that's a problem or not is an altogether different discussion.
BTW: To slow down vapour going into the SB (or any other) wall/ 
ceiling, there are much better solutions than OSB.
And another (related) question: do you use moisture sensors to monitor  
your buildings?
Cheers from France

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